Panorama in Google Cardboard

  • willkperkins , welcome to our Forum.

    Please kindly close all other tabs besides the one used for the current open Paranoma, then move the phone to its normal vertical orientation again, and then back to horizontal - It should now be fullscreen without any tabs, URL bar, and such visible up top.

    Hopefully, this won't be too much of an inconvenience - You could of course also use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox) for other sites, and only make use of Safari for panoramas for example.

    Let me know if doing the above doesn't resolve the problem for you!

  • Hi Demian,

    I'll try that, but I have a lot of open tabs I don't want to get rid of!

    I did find another work-around: if you make the webpage an app on the home screen of your iPhone it opens it in full screen mode. It's not perfect, but a lot better. This would be a great bug to work out!

  • I am not sure if this is really a bug or just unwanted behavior from the sides of Safari which I highly suspect - I'll forward it accordingly just in case though.

    Furthermore, have you considered just using a different browser as mentioned for anything besides panoramas? :)

    In any case, let me know if you experience any other issues or if you have any further questions whatsoever.

  • I tried opening the panoramas in Chrome, which I don't use for anything else but it had the same issue.

    While it might not be technically a 'bug' it's a barrier to a good user experience. This feature is most helpful when working remotely with clients. Ideally I'd like to send them a cardboard headset and a link that they can open. Any additional steps or workarounds in that process just makes it more difficult for them. Maybe there's a way for Enscape to provide a link that will automatically open the panoramas in the Google Cardboard viewer app instead of safari?


  • I meant using Safari for panoramas exclusively and Chrome for anything else. :)

    Without our developers implementing your suggestion, I do not think that this is possible at the moment - You can kindly forward this as a feature request through our new portal, which reaches our product management team directly. Much appreciated!

  • This has been an issue on iOS for a while, Apple keeps changing the permissions required with updates. (allow full screen, allow motion, etc.) And you get different results with different phones. (iPhone 7/8/SE tend to go full screen, larger phones don't)

    We tried extensively to get it working a year ago, but Cardboard seems pretty dead, most developers don't seem to be updating. This thread started as panorama "black screen" issue, but there is Cardboard discussion later in there. Not sure how applicable it is with newer Enscape versions and iOS updates.

    Panoramas on browser - Black Screen

    I loaded Firefox and Chrome on my phone to test - Looking at some older panoramas, I can't get any of them to go full screen with Enscape-hosted panos. Firefox works with SeekBeak (link in thread above) with some fussing. It would be helpful to have it work on Safari - sending a panorama link to a client and telling them to install a new browser is not ideal. Or, if it is going to be a feature you continue to include, at least test with some newer Apple hardware + iOS and provide some guidance about what is or is not supported.,