Sketchup Dynamic Components in Enscape

  • I'm new to Enscape (and indeed Forums like this) but here's a short video showing how I used Sketchup Dynamic Components to quickly change pre-determined textures and model assemblies while presenting the live render in Enscape. This could be used effectively in client presentations at early stages of the design process when exploring several options.

    I guess there's other ways to do this, but thought I'd share this test file.


  • Hello,

    You can also with a dynamic component and Keyframe Animation plugin produced an animation, and at the end, with Enscape using batch rendering, produce all image sequences for the final animation video.

    Here is an example to produce an animation inside SketchUp with a complex dynamic component and Keyframe Animation plugin

    And here is another example of one final animation test I've made with another dynamic component and Keyframe Animation.