Asset library not correct database/filters

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  • I love working with enscape and i love that the library is getting so much extended.

    But with a big library, database and filters become more and more important.
    Unfortunatly there are errors in the database or it is not complete.

    For example when you go to people..

    You will see.. Maarten and Maja sitting, they even have sitting in the name, but when i use the tag sitting.. we can't find Maarten and Maja anymore..

    finding the right asset or not being able to select from all the assets you think are available is annoying.

    As people working with Revit database and consistency is everything.

    hopefully this will be fixed in the next update...

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    Thank you Arno , our visuals team will have a look at this accordingly - I appreciate that you forwarded this to us!

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    Hi Arno,

    thanks for highlighting. We introduced more tags to filter the assets within our last release. This is all done manually, hope you understand that some things just get overseen with all those assets.

    I added Maarten and Maja to our sitting tag. It will be published with our next upcoming release

    I reported Annouk to our Visuals team to take a closer look at the asset.

    All the best,


  • it would be nice if all the assets would have a same insert point.. with sitting people the main point is where your knees bend because that is the edge of the seat.. in this image all the people are placed at the same point.. but some disappear into your seating.. would be nice if all the assets had the same insert point.. so you could swap them without having to check if they are still correct.