Stand Alone .exe File - Resolution Output

  • Hi guys,

    It seems to me the resolution (displayed size) of the .exe file is dependent on the screen size where it is being output.

    I've done a few tests, and all of the .exe files output from a machinehooked up to 1080 displays, end up looking very pixelated on a 4K display.

    The only way I got it to work, was by outputting the exe file from a tower hooked up to a 4k display.

    Can anyone confirm, or tell me if I am doing anything wrong.

    PS: My workstation has HD monitors, while my VR room has a 4K display. I would say this is stadard practice, since no one REALLY needs a 23" 27" 4K display.


  • The resolution of the computer that exports the standalone has no impact on the "playback" resolution of the standalone.

    However, there is a feature called "Automatic resolution" that might result in what you see. You find the checkbox on the General-Tab. It adjusts the resolution dynamically (every few frames) to ensure a smooth simulation. If you machine is too weak to run in native resolution (in this case, 4K), Enscape detects that and automatically uses a slightly lower one to ensure a high FPS count.