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  • hello dear Enscape team, I followed the link to download Enscape 3.3 Preview + 3, but the site gave out an old version, Enscape 3.2.0, may I know why this is so

  • Imported Material Indicator

    When importing a material from the Enscape material library or via the batch import using local .matpkg's the imported materials will be marked by an orange indicator in the material list section

    This a nice little enhancement. Would it be possible to also add a Rename command here?

    Currently, immediately after importing the materials in the enscape editor we need to:

    1) write down/remember the names

    2) close the enscape material editor

    3) open the native material editor

    4) locate the new materials

    5) rename

    It would be far more convenient if we could rename directly in the Enscape material editor.

    • Official Post

    Dear Forum Community,

    We've just released the new Enscape 3.3 Preview 4.

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    For detailed questions and issues, feel free to write us at or use this thread.

    Site Context Mode (First Look)

    With this preview, we are including the current WIP state of the "Site Context" mode. This new application mode allows you to import a low poly representation of the surroundings of your project which are then displayed alongside it in Enscape.

    When inside the Site Context mode you can import buildings, streets, and topography of a location of your choosing which will then be displayed in Enscape. Use the entries in the burger menu to remove or update your Site Context. Further features will be added soon (see the known issues below).

    ATTENTION This is an early version with some caveats and known issues, that we will address for the final 3.3 release:

    • The CAD model is not yet represented on the 2D map during the configuration step
    • Some geometry is not yet represented correctly (floating streets, some buildings look incorrect)
    • The Site Context is currently not yet aligned with the CAD model
    • Elements of the Site Context can not yet be hidden
    • The Site Context can not yet be moved around in Enscape
    • There might be errors for certain locations during the import (please report these, including the geo coordinates you were using at the time)
    • The Site Context currently has a negative impact on the performance of diff updates
    • The mode is still called "Site Model Mode" this will be adjusted for 3.3
    • The help texts are currently still missing

    Overwrite Materials with Materials from the Enscape Library

    You can now overwrite existing materials in your project with materials from the Material Library. If Enscape is running while you are selecting a material from the library that you want to use to replace your existing material with you will see a preview in the Enscape window of what your change will look like if complete the replacement.

    The material name and metadata are not changed we only replace the material properties with the properties of the library material keeping all "assignments (material to surface) unchanged.

    Proxy Settings Overhaul

    The proxy settings UI has now been reworked and will validate your inputs automatically reporting back if a connection attempt to the proxy server succeeded or failed. We streamlined the UI to ease configuration of the proxy settings.

    Please note: Preview versions are not production-proven, so be aware that there can be issues, and please report any of them back to us either on this thread or via the normal support channels. Doing so will help us with providing an even more stable and reliable product in the future.

  • Ohhh love the site context!

    Would there be a way in the future to have the site model import on the skybox layer so it doesn't interfere with modeled topo (and would look perspective correct at ground)? Bonus would be that it would be friendly on performance too. We often have topography modeled already based on accurate survey data for the plot we are building on, but obviously this doesn't include context for anything outside the survey data. Being able to load a helpful semi-accurate skybox of the surrounding region could help a lot. Unless the site context feature is planned to support incorporating already-modeled topography somehow in its future.

    • Official Post

    Hey skhayward , how is this?
    1. Import site context in empty model (with Skybox active)
    2. Render 360 Panorama, save as image file, use as new Skybox

    3. Profit :)

  • Great idea!

    Though, I do like having a dynamically lit skybox, which now that I think about it would just be what this feature does in the first place once the move/alignment features are put into it for the future. Maybe what I'm really asking for is a 3D skybox? ?

  • I don't see myself using the context model but the replace material feature is helpful. If we could add custom materials to the material library it would be even more useful.

  • Hi, I recently started getting an error when I try to import an escape material. I can import enscape assets, however. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and rebooted my machine. I also sent a feedback report recently. It says, an error occurred while importing materials. Some materials could not be imported. Screenshot below. It says this for all materials. Any suggestions?

    I recently got a new computer and it meets all the enscape requirements. Thanks for your help!


  • Overwrite materials from the library is great and i was expecting something like that but if we can add custom materials and replace them with same methods would be great. Also in Revit it is hard to check materials name from Edit Type then switch to material editor and edit it. Instead of that maybe there could be an eye dropper tool for Revit to identify the materials in the material editor just like Sketchup. This would make things much faster.

  • Great progress

    The site model feature is not something we are gonna use, so no comments for that ;) we are always goin to do our own site models for the accuracy and quality we need. we often do stuff like this: google 3d maps

    Overriding materials is nice though! really useful! Now we just need custom materials in the library for it to actually be usable :) Without this, its not something we'll use.

    when you finally get around to doing custom materials, here is a suggestion :) Have an "export to library" button directly in the material editor. That way, when we have tuned a material that we want to safe for easy access later, its very easy to do so :) and it will be easy and intuitive to gradually build up your custom library.