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    Enscape4.0 Add this feature ?

    This feature will not make it into our upcoming 4.0 release, but it's something we plan to implement with our next release of Enscape, likely providing this addition in future upcoming previews to try out beforehand as usual.

  • Thank you for the additional feedback as always Paul Russam and Ondrej42.

    This won't be much of a satisfying reply I'm afraid from my side but there is actually a technical reason as to why the previously selected material is not automatically re-selected after re-opening the Material Editor.

    That in turns means that isn't a bug currently, but expected behavior. I will still make sure to get together with product management regarding this to see if we could perhaps adjust this in the future eventually. For now I'm afraid there isn't much more I can say other than that, though I'd definitely update you in case of any further specific news soon.

    ...but it used to work as expected, yes? At least I think I can remember a time when it did. This one is an ongoing annoyance for me as well.