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  • I personally like the idea of being able to change the visual settings within Enscape. Most of these changes are usually done interactively, so I feel this would make our workflow easier.

    3.0 sounds like a major release. Apart from the improved UI, how about solving the mirror issues and providing a materiel library? 8o

  • I'm wondering if you'd be able to give a step by step tutorial in how to do this. I'm trying to change the colour of the trees to make them look more Australian.

    Any tips would be so handy! I've downloaded the asset library but having trouble changing the RGB value.

  • I want to keep the visual Settings button in the menu so that I can still conditional visual Settings without turning on render

    I agree! We often work on models that takes 5-10 minutes to load into enscape. If everything goes into the enscape window, it will take ages to do stuff! What if enscape keeps crashing on startup, and i want to reduce the render quality or turn RTX off (something we often have to do)?

    my suggestion would be to be able to start the enscape window WITHOUT starting the whole export process. Instead have a big "play" button or something in the empty enscape window that lets you export the scene when you are ready.

    But other than that, it looks promising! i really like the new graphics. it looks much more mature and professional. What about the video editor? it seems counter intuitive that i still have to press a button in the old menu (or know the shortcut) in order to start it. shouldn't it be in the enscape window as well?

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    Thanks a lot for all the feedback regarding our Visual Settings. Our developers will be aware of it and it's now also noted down.

    Is batch panorama in the roadmap for this next release?

    No info we can give on that just yet I'm afraid.

    Hey Pete, the new UI looks interesting.

    Is there a 3.0 roadmap somewhere?

    Coming up very soon, next week in English first. :)

  • Once you've downloaded the assets, you'll have a big folder with a lot of smaller sub-folders that have really long names. Each one of these sub-folders represents an asset. You can go into each one and usually there's some files in there that give you an idea of which asset the folder belongs to (i.e. a Day Bed 03 texture image). These names match the same names you see for assets in the asset library.

    Alternatively (at least for Revit), each asset you place in a project it's type properties has an "Enscape ID" property. This property is the same exact name as the name of these folders, and it tells enscape where to look to load the asset. So you can copy the value of the Enscape ID from your placed asset, and simply do a windows search for it inside your Enscape asset folder to bring up the exact asset.

    The file you want to change colors is the non-"_phys" version of .gltf file that has the name that equals the same long enscape ID name of the folder, The "_phys" file I assume is the collision information, which we don't need to worry about if we're just editing colors.

    Right click this file, then edit in something like WordPad or a code editing program of your choice. What you're looking for is anything under the "materials" section, which simply describes how the materials in the object to look. To adjust color, find the material that looks like it might correspond to leaves, and then look for the "albedoColor" property - this is what controls the color of the material. The three values underneath are just RGB (in order), so you can use an online RGB color picker that uses a 0.0-1.0 scale to find the color you want, then copy the values over. The last value I think is corresponds with black level, which generally you don't touch since the texture of that material itself will have that data already.

    When you've put in the RGB values you want, you save the file and test. For me, I needed to restart enscape in order to see the chances, likely because I think Enscape only loads in assets once at the start. It might work too if you switch enscape between projects to force it to reload assets.

    Keep in mind this edits the asset for all projects, and will likely be overwritten when you do a library update. Therefore before you start doing edits, it's probably a good idea to copy the folder of the asset you want to change the color of, and rename it + all files within it that share the name of the folder to something unique, like "Tree_03_Aus". Or, just add a prefix like "AUS_..." to the long string names. To be extra safe, copy a backup of this folder outside the enscape asset folder too once you're done... I'm not sure how Enscape update's its asset library, it might delete all files that "don't belong" when you run an update so you don't want to lose your color edits should this happen.

    Anyways, once you've renamed your copy of the color you want, all you need to do is go back into your project and replace the "Enscape ID" property of the asset with your new name ("Tree_03_Aus"). Now enscape knows to load your color edits, and not the default, unchanged model. Since Enscape creates a new family every time you place an asset from the asset library using the default asset, you'll need to save your color-edited family as its own family if you don't want to have to constantly replace the EnscapeID property to your "Tree_03_Aus" ID every time. Then just load this saved family into new projects whenever you need it. Or, if you'd rather use the Asset Library every time, it's not a huge deal I feel to just edit the enscapeID in the type properties to the color edited version once you place the asset down. Perhaps a good naming convention to use then would be simply to add an "AUS_..." prefix to your color edited trees, therefore all you need to do in the EnscapeID is type in "AUS_" before the long string of letters/numbers to get the color edited version.

    Hopefully in the future, Enscape will just add a color picker for materials to make this process a lot easier and more integrated!

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    Enscape got freezed on the loading screen in sketchup 2018

    Sorry to hear about that! Please then kindly send us a feedback report and we'll be able to troubleshoot the cause behind this problem:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    Thank you in advance! :)

  • Hi,

    I have tried to follow the step of Copying and Replacing the Asset ID in order to have a White render of the asset without manipulating the original asset.

    However the asset appears as white mesh instead of a white Material of the asset.

    Left - Original Right - Copy

    Could let me know where I went wrong, please.

    These are the steps I took:

    - Copied the assets folder.

    - Renamed the folder and the Jltf. file name

    - open the non _Pysh. file

    - Material Image Fade at 0

    - Saved the Renamed Jltf. file.

    - Copied the rename and opened edit type.

    - pasted the rename in the Asset ID.


  • Batch render option kills both Enscape and Vectorworks, my guess it is because VW does not support this yet. Please push batch render in VW highier in your agenda. Without this, there is no way to do serious projects that require a lot of renders, and a lot of changes that require rendering it all again.

  • There are many options online:…&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

    GUID come in a few different flavors, so make sure you pick one that has the same length and breakup as the Enscape guids.

    Thank you, it worked :)

    Another Question I have is regarding the Preview Image of the asset.

    At the moment it is still showing the asset with material. Not sure how to change the preview image.

    I see there is an encrypted png. is there a way of opening it?

  • Please help, has anyone succeeded bringing video texture in revit painted surface? I tried with mp4 video, but dont know why it came out with green screen (see attachment below). I dont know if I post this question in the correct thread. If anyone know please help!