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  • Can you perhaps further elaborate why you're not a fan of the new system? Then I can forward that as feedback too.

    maybe because he wants change visual setting before launching enscape window ?

  • I can understand that, this is of course the reason why I'm asking so that I can forward your feedback accordingly. Thanks! :)

  • For what it's worth: I love the new UI changes. It's so practical to have these functions in the Enscape window, and I also love the new look and organization of the settings dialog.

    Looking forward to whatever you are planning to do with the saved settings. I hope it's going to be easier to see at a glance what setting is loaded, and that we will have buttons clearly exposed for things like rename, duplicate, link/unlink, ...

  • We've just released the new Enscape version 2.9.1!

    There are several options to upgrade:

    • Follow the link in your trial registration email
    • Click the update link in the in-program notification
    • Open the "About" window and click the Download Area link

    For detailed questions and issues, feel free to write us at or use this thread.

    Changes in Version 2.9.1

    New Features:

    • SketchUp 2021 support
    • Rhino 7 support


    • Displacement mapping has been adjusted in the Revit implementation so that the value range is mapped to allow for fine tuning the displacement amount.

    - If the Bump slot value is set to below 500 this results in only bump mapping and no displacement mapping being applied to the surface:

    - If the Bump slot value is set to just above 500 at ie, 510, this results in slight displacement:

    - The more you that Bump slot value is increased ie. around 750 (or greater) the heavier the resultant displacement mapping will be:

    Known Issues:

    • Some of the new SketchUp 2021 features are not yet supported (tag folders, live components).
    • ArchiCAD 24 crashes during asset placement when hovering the mouse over any ArchiCAD user interface menu's that have an associated pop up or tool tip that would open.

    Noteworthy Bug Fixes:

    • Visual Settings Presets not being made available for linking with named Views - FIXED
    • Custom Asset Editor:
      • Import issues preventing the import of .gltf's using an encoded URL path that has the textures missing - FIXED
      • Import issues for .gltf's containing meshes without primitives - FIXED
    • Combined (RGBA) Normal/Displacement textures were not interpreted correctly - FIXED

    Please find a list of the most common customer facing bug fixes attached as a .pdf below. We provide this list as a courtesy to our users and it is not a complete list of all bug fixes that were during the development cycle. Please refer to the Bug ID if you have further questions regarding any of these.

  • New UI very cool, but i just need old button position of visual setting and take screenshot function !!

    Its not handy when using 2 big monitors, where the left monitor is the workscreen and the right monitor for Enscape.

    For presentations i cast the second screen to a big 55" television. It was better when enscape was fullscreen. Now there are buttons and i have to go with the mouse over 2 monitors.

  • Where is the render output

    Safe Frames


  • Thank you all for the additional feedback, highly appreciated of course. I'll forward everything accordingly.

    tas_1985 , gone for now, but will be implemented once more in a different way. Stay tune for the upcoming previews. If you really need the safe frame option, kindly make use of our release instead.

  • Spoke too soon... I was able to render a few 4K stills, and add details to a model... then render in 4K again... crash and reboot...

    We can gladly let you know what this is caused by exactly if you send in a dedicated feedback report:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    It might be your graphics memory running out while trying to render, but the exact details will be provided once we've received said report. Thanks! :)

  • This still doesn't address Displacement maps in Revit's PBR materials.

    The PBR materials are leaps and bounds better than the legacy materials (which honestly shouldn't be used anymore, so it's strange to me that you developed a Displacement map technique that only works on them).

  • +1 on the importance of not ignoring the Revit PBR materials. They are not perfect (yet), but they are starting to be used quite a bit in projects.

  • This still doesn't address Displacement maps in Revit's PBR materials.

    The PBR materials are leaps and bounds better than the legacy materials (which honestly shouldn't be used anymore, so it's strange to me that you developed a Displacement map technique that only works on them).


    we moved to PBR materials 2years ago because of the Quality improvement in Enscape so for us the displacement maps are not usable we won't go back

  • Demian Gutberlet Does the newest Enscape release for Rhino 7 support PBR materials?

    Not yet I'm afraid - at the moment I'll have to refer you to our dedicated material editor.

    @Pete Chamberlain @Demian Gutberlet

    Hello beautiful work I liked it.

    I would like to know how Combined Normal / Displacement maps in the same image file?

    Currently it's not possible - this has been requested before though so I'll add your feedback and upvote to the existing feature request. :) Thank you!

  • Just as general information:
    We are currently putting a lot of effort into the redesign of the user interface. It will be more intuitive, homogeneous and modern afterwards. So on average, it will just be a better experience to use the software.

    But the effort this costs (and also Christmas time) prevents us to add even more functionality this time.

    We plan to release 3.0 at the beginning of March.

    And please keep posting your feedback on these changes. Even with all the evaluations and tests we did, we are not able to capture every opinion and corner case. Every input helps us to improve your workflow!