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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.
  • We've just released the new Enscape version 3.0!

    Have a look at the blog post showing off the new features and additions.

    There are several options to upgrade:

    • Follow the link in your trial registration email
    • Click the update link in the in-program notification
    • Open the "About" window and click the Download Area link

    For detailed questions and issues, feel free to write us at or use this thread.

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    Changes in Version 3.0

    New Features:

    • Enscape Rebranding - A new look and a new direction for Enscape - we hope you like it!
    • Enscape User Interface Overhaul - which, among other things, affects:
    • 333 new localized assets added to the Asset Library (More info)


    • Multi-threaded texture loading
      Enscape now supports loading texture images used in materials in parallel, which results in a significant speed-up of loading times.
    • Exports can now be cancelled via the new progress bars
      The different export operations can now be cancelled explicitly (except Standalone Executable files) by pressing [Esc] or by clicking the "Cancel" button in the new progress window dialog.


    • Enscape User Interface overhaul results in many Enscape functions now being accessed directly in the Enscape Viewport instead of the CAD UI.

    Known Issues:

    • Archicad 24 crashes when editing Materials in Enscape Material Editor while Live Update is running
    • SketchUp & Enscape crash when unchecking Explicit Transformation in Enscape Material Editor after changing Texture size in SketchUp
    • Progress window can block message box windows
    • Possible crash in Rhino when moving / rotating 3D text
    • SketchUp crashes after closing it with Collaboration Settings window open
    • Possible rendering hang in AMD drivers
    • Enscape crash in projects containing a large light family

    Bug Fixes:

    Please find a list of the most common customer facing bug fixes attached as a .pdf below. We provide this list as a courtesy to our users and is not a complete list of all bug fixes during the development cycle. Please refer to the Bug ID if you have further questions regarding any of these.

  • I'm using Revit 2021.1 and Enscape 2.9 (and just updated to 3.0 to check if the problem persists).

    Something just happened with the Asset Library. Some assets have their default scale way off. It is affecting both Enscape 2.9 and 3.0 versions.

    Some of the Enscape furniture and people are showing up HUGE in the Enscape window. They appear normal size in Revit. The file has not been changed in 2 days.

    I have attached an example screenshot. I tried if the problem exists even with a default Revit metric template. I placed an "Enscape AssetDefinition - Bar Table 03" - asset on a 10 x 10 meter platform.

    "Enscape AssetDefinition - Bar Table 03", EnscapeNativeAssetHeight seems to be 74254.5

  • I also have the same problem, even before the update.

    assets do look normal in Revit but in Enscape they are giants.

    I hope this could be fixed

    • Official Post

    We're very sorry about this, but aware of the problem:

    Enscape Assets scaling problem

    Stay tuned, this will be resolved as quickly as possible!

  • Yay! new version! Good job! UI is very clean, good icons on the toolbars.

    A few things to report though...:

    1. Movement around a model in Enspcape makes edges stutttttttter continuously while.... moving... with Xbox Controller or with keyboard and mouse....
      • It is as if the model is continuously shifting back and forth an inch repeatedly, very fast and very noticeable
      • It is more noticeable in some models than others... not sure why, yet...
    2. When an XBox Controller is plugged in one cannot use the keyboard to navigate in Enscape at the same time.
      • previous versions allowed both at the same time.
      • After a while.... and plugging in the Xbox controller and then un-plugging and re-plugging it back in, then I can use the Xbox controller AND keyboard and mouse...
        • Weird...
    3. Button 7 on the Xbox Controller does not "re-center" the camera...
      • Same as previous version 2.9
      • I connect the Xbox One controller via USB cable, not the XBox wireless dongle. Not sure if that matters... or if the version of the Controller matters...
    4. Is the button "X" on the Xbox controller supposed to do something? if not, can we assign it a "button layout switcher" to have more functions for the camera?
      • I submitted a feature request for something like this already. :)
    5. Still a lot of noise in the Enscape models even when in Ultra settings when you stop moving the camera... while you move the camera all colors and surfaces are smooth and very nice, but not when the camera is stationary... (same with version 2.9)
      • EDIT: Adding this point: When rendering a still image, the noise is 95% gone from what is on the Enscape3D viewport... v 2.9 had all the noise in the renders as well, but this is much nicer in V 3.0. Thank you!!!!

    Very nice XBox Controller button layout graphics to indicate what each button does!

    SketchUp Pro 2021 - AMD 5900x with GTX 3090 64Gigs of RAM NVME PCIE gen 4.... 100Hz refresh rate monitor @ 3440x1440 - nVidia drivers version 461.40

    Looking forward to more updates. Thank you for the hard work.

  • Hi Guys,

    Just downloaded the 3.0 release and I was wondering can anyone tell me why I had nice sharp glass reflections from my hdri on 2.9 but in 3.0 they are blurry?

    And you where so close to getting me to switch permanently to Enscape 8o

    • Official Post

    I just discovered that the Stuttttttering of the moving of the camera only happens in Walk mode. There is no stuttering in fly mode... if anyone was wondering...

    Thanks for your report! Could you please send us Feedback with log files? Our Customer Support will then get in contact with you soon. We might need to have a look at the project file though, as we cannot reproduce that behavior on our end yet. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Guys,

    Just downloaded the 3.0 release and I was wondering can anyone tell me why I had nice sharp glass reflections from my hdri on 2.9 but in 3.0 they are blurry?

    Hi! Please give us a screenshot if possible.