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  • View switching is actually faster + more reliable (it would often only switch if I paused+unpaused enscape before 3.0) for me, but I deal with house-sized models. And now the view templates actually properly link, which they didn't before.

    However, things like this don't work:

    1. Batch rendering doesn't work at all. Enscape often fails to switch the view, it just hangs at 0% (manual view switching works fine though), requiring me to force close revit to get working again. (on that note... please give us export naming options for this! Its far quicker for my workflow to override old renders with new ones, then simply reload the images in my revit model, which can't be done on batch rendering mode).

    2. "Managing Uploads" screen no longer updates automatically once a panorama is rendered. This means I have to close the window + reopen it for the new panorama to show. This now takes FOREVER - every time I want to open "manage uploads" Revit hangs for 2 minutes while it loads every panorama I've ever made. Not only is this hugely wasteful + performance draining to have enscape do every time I want to upload/use a pano, but with 3.0 I'm now forced to do this every time I open this screen instead of just the first time I open it in that revit session. Please make it so it only caches/looked up panos specific to your project, and make it auto-update again when new panos are done rendering!

  • We don't need the new interface or workflow changing . We need animation and complex material , when will you provide velvet and translucent mats ???? I have been waiting them so long.... 2 years ago , you told you will develop them in near future , but these are mere words , so disappointed !!!

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    Thank you, everyone. We're closely monitoring your feedback. skhayward , please definitely send us a feedback report with your log files - both what you described in points 1. and 2. doesn't sound normal at all so we'd really like to troubleshoot the cause behind this.

    PhamBao , I'm sorry to hear about your frustration. Animations, in general, are unfortunately not planned to be implemented soon. When it comes to velvet, here and here are two tutorials for that if you're interested. It does require some tricks, we're aware of that, but just so you know what is possible at the moment at least. Finally, when it comes to such translucent materials (including subsurface scattering), this is still not easy to achieve in real-time applications generally - this is a reason why we haven't added it yet. We did however add displacement map support, just in case you haven't used it yet, as this particular feature alone is able to add a lot of complexity and realism to the scene.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback. For now, there are no plans to put the restricted mode back in but you can be assured that this will be discussed again with our developers, especially if the demand for it rises with time.

    Wee need the restricted mode to work properly as it was before. Now the license conditions has been changed without any previous notice. Please turn it on again.

  • Agree with others about the old view list setup. We have a large new healthcare facility with multiple users, linked files, worksets, entourage, etc. We were using one view as kind of our "launch" view for enscape that had all the correct settings and filters applied, items hidden, etc. And then we would navigate to our view list from the view selector. We could setup a view template from the original launch view and apply that to all our new views. But again, wouldn't want to take the time to reload the geometry every time. At first, I thought that it may even be setup to let you "disable live" and then still be able to use the preset views without reloading. But I learned that was not the case either. I know there are a lot of pros and cons either way, but would really love to see some version of this capability come back if possible. I will be recommending we hold our firms upgrade at 2.9 for large projects like this, at least for our current workflow. But maybe we can test on smaller projects to look for other benefits with that method. Many of the other improvements are great, so keep up the good work! And thanks for continuing to forge ahead!

  • Agree with DsimpMPS with that workflow on large projects - we are utilizing that method and this new system makes that process too time consuming. Every switch of the view location includes 5 minutes or more of reloading, which negates the purpose of real-time rendering.

  • Also agree with DsimpMPS. Our workflow is the same. One Revit view is used as a master view to set up visibility settings and export to Enscape from there views are set up to store camera location and time of day settings only. Having each view reload geometry makes managing large projects very time consuming. We will keep using 2.9 until there is a simpler workflow. I also really appreciated the fly out view selection menu rather than having to click a menu open (that takes up much more screen area) to select a view and then click it closed. Enscape is a great asset to our presentations, hopefully there is a fix for next release.

  • Please make the restricted mode available again! We use it a lot when testing different materials and setting up views when the license is in use on another workstation (floating license, small office).

    We are also experiencing the all black Web Standalone exports. Until version 3.0 we were very satisfied with all the possibilities that Enscape gives us, but since 3.0... :(.

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    I am having major issues. Anyone else? Our web exports are dark/black and my clients can longer view the web exports. The render to document doesn't work either.

    Please check out this thread here:

    Dark/Black Web Standalones workaround/temporary fix

    Thank you everyone else especially for the feedback when it comes to the new view system and how we load geometry, and for sharing your thoughts about the removal of Enscape's restricted mode.

  • I'm absolutely aware of the amount of additions and workflow optimization the Enscape Team has implemented, and I'm absolutely grateful for this wonderful piece of software which never ceases to amaze me for quality and speed of the output.

    Lots of requests I'm recently seeing here on the forum sound to me like "adjustments": things that don't work as expected, or that worked better in previous versions. But basically things that can more or less easily fixed.

    I must say that at the moment the big big drawbacks Enscape has are:

    1. Difficulties on rendering complex reflections

    2. Difficulties on glasses (shadows, primarily), and transparent/translucent mats in general.

    These two topics are in my opinion actually to implement heavily, since there are ways to approximate the desired effects (or workarounds) but are too long to manage in large projects.

    Personally, I have the need to hear from the developers that they are aware of the issues and they are at least planning to face the fact that their software is mature enough to take these rendering features seriously and not like sort of minor functionalities to deal with on the spot.

  • We don't need the new interface or workflow changing . We need animation and complex material , when will you provide velvet and translucent mats ???? I have been waiting them so long.... 2 years ago , you told you will develop them in near future , but these are mere words , so disappointed !!!

    Hello! How is it possible in the plugin for VISUALIZATION, do not improve the materials, the quality of the render and do not introduce the possibility of animation, this is HOW ????? And spend time redrawing the logo and interface (((In my opinion, this is disrespectful towards users !!!!!

  • Hello! How is it possible in the plugin for VISUALIZATION, do not improve the materials, the quality of the render and do not introduce the possibility of animation, this is HOW ????? And spend time redrawing the logo and interface (((In my opinion, this is disrespectful towards users !!!!!

    Hello! We are constantly working on improvements of image quality, stability, performance and application usability. We are aware of the demand on better reflections, animation and other long awaited features. But some things just can't be easily implemented in a short period of time, no matter how much we want it - sometimes a big amount of work on the infrastructure is needed to make future improvements and new features possible. Moreover, we have more than one development team each focusing on different parts of the product - rendering engine programmers are not implementing UI or CAD integration. So be sure that we are not sitting without doing anything while other teams are working hard and other departments are doing rebranding ;)

  • Вы самая крутая команда, которую можно увидеть в продукте Enscape, благодаря вашей программе мы работаем в творческом направлении спасибо спасибо


    You are the coolest team that can be seen in the Enscape product, thanks to your program we are working in a creative direction thanks thank you

  • Here's the Release Notes for the latest Enscape v3.1 Preview - Version 1.

    Please refer to this article for instructions on how to download the Preview version.

    What’s included:

    - New Features:

    • Feedback Window Overhaul
      We continue with the User Interface (UI) overhaul by applying changes to the Feedback window, improving its overall look & feel whilst keeping the current functionality.

    • Material Editor Overhaul (WIP)
      We started overhauling the Material Editor User Interface (UI) and have improved the look and feel of the Value Inputs section of the Material Editor window.
      In addition, we've also re-assigned the Self Illumination checkbox flag to be included in the material Type selection drop-down list of materials, bringing it inline with Enscape's other 'special' materials.

      Please note: the material list section on the right side of the Enscape Material Editor window, as well as the associated Texture Editor, are still unfinished and, for the time being, continue to use the pre 3.0 version UI elements.

      The two Transparency Type options shown in the last screenshot above are;

    • Cutout - a mask with the binary options: opaque / transparent
    • Transmittance - offers an adjustable gradient level of control over the transparency, whereby the Opacity, Refractive Index and Tint Color options shown in the above screenshot become available.

      CAUTION: Any project containing a self-illuminated material that has been assigned when using any other Enscape version previous to this preview version, and is then subsequently changed in this preview version, will become unusable in any previous Enscape release version.
      Therefore, please make sure to create a backup of your project beforehand. An update for Enscape 3.0 will be made at a future date to allow for some backwards compatibility between Enscape 3.1 and 3.0 in regards to these material options.

    • Polish and Dutch Localization
      You can now tell Enscape to use either the Polish or Dutch languages throughout the Enscape UI via the Language selection option in the General Settings window, as well as during the Enscape installation process.

    - Known Issues:

    • A crash can occur during Enscape startup where GPU is NVIDIA RTX 2080
    • A crash can occur on NVIDIA RTX3070 GPU's during Enscape startup - appears to only occur if an eGPU and multiple GPU drivers are installed - suggest driver reinstall
    • Watchdog timeouts (Error Code 10) persist
    • SketchUp and Enscape crash when removing Video path whilst Video Preview is playing
    • Possible crash in relation to Video Editor
    • Synchronize Views does not work in SketchUp when Projection Mode is set to Orthographic
    • Select a 3D View Warning Is Prompted When Placing Assets in Revit
    • Shivering Trees in Web Standalone
    • Custom Asset Editor *.gltf convertor does not terminate
    • Poor performance in OpenVR (possibly only where NVIDIA RTX3080 GPU is used)
    • Web Standalone - Shadows from animated assets disappear when the camera is moved

    - Bug Fixes:

    Notable Bug Fixes:

    • Web Standalone displaying as black in browser
    • Shadows for animated vegetation

    A full list of Bug Fixes can be found contained in the attached document. Please refer to the bugs associated ID number when contacting Enscape Support in regards to any of the bugs listed there.