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  • I would not mind it: if this tool would have an option to stop updates in Revit when placing content via the Enscape window

    For placing books and other small items I don't want to see in Revit. If there would be a way to add them without syncing to Revit

    To me, that would be great

  • Hi,

    It is still not working - when I change the viewpoints previously saved by the view management, I have to export the scene always and wait for it to load!

    This didn't happen in the previous version 2.9.1 that worked much better and didn't have these very long waiting times to change views

    I have requested assistance on this problem many times!!

    You need to be able to load Enscape from a single general 3D view with its settings and be able to change saved view points.

    Also the section boxes didn't work and every view always reloads scene (it does not load the settings of the general 3d where I' ve started and load Enscape).

    Can you please fix this very quickly as our team is forced to use a very old version because of these very long loading times?

    Thank you

  • No problem! At least for now weather, in general, is not on our agenda in the near future - but, as always I have gladly forwarded your upvote to the topic.

    Can you add another upvote for weather effects? Our clients live in their homes both during the beautiful summer months, and also in the dead of winter. I would say that changing in leaves in the fall is also a big sell. I think twinmotion does a great job of this, but also realize that there is something really great about having the proxies for the render engine actually live in the 3D model. If you could pull off the model connectivity you already have, plus assets that not only respond to wind but season, you'd be the coolest on the block.

  • In addition to the window top feature mentioned last time, we expect to see the following improvements in the next release:

    1. Eliminate the reflection of the light source in the mirror

    2. Solve the gap problem of picture stitching at the top of panorama

    3. More perfect mirror reflection content

    4. More detailed models of trees and grass

  • Hello, I think that this development will come in the coming days when the option to add moving objects will come. Because I think the biggest problem was not being able to put moving objects in sketchup. I think Enscape has made such an arrangement to put moving objects in its own infrastructure.

    In order to transfer more detailed models, do you plan to make an add-on, such as directly shooting the max model of especially high quality 3dsmax models? maybe like d5 converter

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    Of course joshtays , I have gladly forwarded your upvote to the existing feature request as well. :)

  • 4. More detailed models of trees and grass

    Just this one aspect coupled with a built in "Skatter" tool within Enscape that has been discussed lately would be such a game changer, especially for exterior renders. How convincing the grass, trees, and other landscape items are can either make or break any exterior scene no matter how well your building is modeled.

  • Requires the ability to edit asset material! For example, trees do not suit me in color, as well as models of people and furniture, which will not allow me to use the library by default, although you are investing efforts in its development, but you do not bring interaction logic into it! !! But waste resources and time duplicating your existing asset allocation function .... why ????? Or maybe first you need to do something that does not exist at all or works crookedly ?? Isn't that logical?

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    Again, thanks a lot for your feedback.

    You can totally count on Demians comment here. We do not have the intention to remove functionality from the host app.

    About the other requests that you mentioned:

    Without going into details, we are already working on most of the things that you mentioned.

    But these are not easy to implement as it was not respected in the data structure originally. And some things would right now just not fit into the workflow as we imagine it.

    There is a lot of work for preparation going on right now to make things happen in future. And of course you can not see this preparation.

    Think about the release cycles of other programs. They are usually releasing once a year. And sometimes they are also not able to deliver things right away. Even though we have three releases a year does not mean that we are faster with developing. We are just doing smaller chunks to provide new things more frequently.

  • I've posted a short survey regarding the current basic flow of single placement in Enscape.
    I am happy if you would give us your feedback on this. Please visit the thread linked below.
    Asset Placement in Enscape Window - User Test

    Thank you!

  • Dear Forum Community,

    Here are the Release Notes for the latest Enscape v3.2 Preview - Version 5.

    Please refer to this article for instructions on how to download the Preview version.

    Note: Preview versions are not production proven, so make sure to observe the Known Issues in the attached .pdf document and please report any other issues back to us either on this thread or via the normal support channels.

    What’s included:

    • Asset Placement in the Enscape Window Improvements and Fixes (WIP)
      We have further improved asset placement and introduced separate tools in preparation of the multi asset placement feature.
      There also have been plenty of fixes with regards to placing and changing custom assets and offline asset library usage within the Enscape window.
    • Asset scaling in Vectorworks
      You can scale previously placed assets in Vectorworks.
      This can be done by selecting the asset, and in the Object Info under the Shape tab set the Scaling to Symmetric, you can now select the factor to scale your asset with.
    • Revit - New Behavior of View Dropdown and Live Update Button
      In case an active view is deleted or the document that the currently shown view belongs to was closed, the view dropdown will report the view that is shown in Enscape. In these cases, the Live Update Button will be disabled.


    • Archicad - Retain Linked Presets when view is renamed
      Now, when renaming a view in Archicad, the link to the visual preset will be retained.
    • HDR image export fixed
      Temporary incompatibility with this feature, introduced in the last Preview, has been resolved.

    Known Issues:

    • Revit: RPC replacements are not showing up in Enscape.

    If you run into any issues while using this Preview version, please do not hesitate to contact Enscape Support, ideally by submitting feedback with logs attached (via the Enscape Feedback button) which allows us to help and resolve issues or make adjustments to new features as quickly and effectively as we can.

    Bugfixes and known issues:


  • I personally like the new asset library as it for me way quicker than placing them in Revit.

    One issue I have noticed in this version and preview 4 is that there seems to be strange artefact around all my light fittings now.

    Textures on wall also seem to have this rain on puddles expect on them .


  • Hi jwal485

    I wasn't able to reproduce the light fixture issue, I tested with a few lamps and the one we have that looks similar.

    Is this only happening with specific light fixtures for you and if so could you name them to me so I can try to reproduce this.

    I was also not able to reproduce the rain on puddle effect on a wall either, is this with certain textures or lighting settings perhaps and if so could you name those as well and share a screenshot of the effect?

    Please also send in a feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button and add a link to this thread and my name in the description.

    Nuge glad to see you already resolved the Asset window button issue, and I see Hana had already answered you in the thread here.

  • Took a screen capture below. Its mainly recessed fittings but seem to be when the ies file is placed close to the fittings. I moved the ies files away from the fitting and the artefact reduce. But I have noticed that the light just does not look right now, these are fittings with a medium beam so I should see some scalloping on the walls, It is like Enscape is not seeing the ies file.

    Previrew 3.1

    There also seems to be some screen tearing now

  • Hello Forum Community,

    I still need some more testers, so I hope to reach a few more in this thread. To all who have already participated: Thank you!

    As some of you probably already know, Enscape will enable placing and transforming assets directly in the render window in 3.2, though transformation will be limited in some CADs. Currently this feature is still under development, but since 3.2-Preview 4 we allow placement of single assets.

    We'd like to find out how comfortable you are with the current basic flow.

    I would be happy if some of you could participate in this short task-based user test, so we can get better insights.

    Please click the link below. :)

    Asset Placement - User Test

    Thanks a lot for your time and support!

  • Hi jwal485

    I see what you mean on the video, I don't think this is new in our latest preview, this often occurs in very low light conditions and once I stop moving the image looks good.

    I was still not able to reproduce the light issue with IES files either, does the effect improve if the walls are thicker, or are they already?

    Additionally, for us to further test this, could you perhaps share a small test project with me through something like WeTransfer?

    If so, you can share the link with me through a DM, please also send in a feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button and include a link to this thread and my name in the description.

  • I will send the file through later.

    Just to be clearer the first image is 3.2 preview 5.

    The second and third image is with 3.1 reinstalled.