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  • 1st image is 3.1

    2nd is 3.2

    3rd is the representation of the ies file in Revit.

    It looks to me like 3.2 is using a hemispherical light shape and not the ies file.

    and below is a link to the Revit file used.

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    Dear Forum Community,

    Here are the Release Notes for the latest Enscape v3.2 Preview - Version 6.

    Please refer to this article for instructions on how to download the Preview version.

    Note: Preview versions are not production-proven, so be aware that there can be issues, and please report any of them back to us either on this thread or via the normal support channels. Doing so will help us with providing an even more stable and reliable product in the future.

    What's included:

    Asset Placement in the Enscape Window Improvements and Fixes (WIP)

    We've added the ability to translate and rotate Assets in the Enscape window, though please note that:

    • The dedicated rotation tool does not yet feature the final look and feel and the axes do not rotate along with the asset yet
    • The rotation functionality of the translation tool strips rotations that are non Y-axis and scales the asset back to its original size

    Both issues will be fixed in subsequent previews and the final 3.2 release. We also implemented a large number of bug fixes centered around the asset placement and manipulation within the Ensacpe window and hugely improved the loading time of offline assets.

    CAD-side Asset Library Overhaul

    The CAD side asset library has been overhauled and now features a new look and feel as well as a collapsible filter area:

    Rhino: Assets Inside of Blocks Can Now Be Deleted and Transformed

    Previously, Assets grouped into blocks were not possible to be deleted or transformed via the Enscape Asset Placement tool. This is now possible.

    Revit: Improved Start-up Time by Just-In-Time Parsing of Materials

    In some Revit projects, there were materials that took minutes to read. Reading the materials is now delayed until the Enscape Material Editor is opened or another feature needs it. This improves the Revit start-up time and makes sure the delay only occurs when it is unavoidable.

    Vectorworks: Assets Can Now Be Deleted via Enscape Asset Placement

    Fixed a bug where the user could not delete assets via the Enscape Asset Placement Tool.

    If you run into any issues while using this Preview version, please do not hesitate to contact Enscape Support, ideally by submitting feedback with logs attached (via the Enscape Feedback button) which allows us to help and resolve issues or make adjustments to new features as quickly and effectively as we can.


  • Has the missing materials for non Enscape proxy's been fixed in this beta? RE: Previous releases/previews merged thread I'd like to test the batch pano rendering.

    + a request:

    In a future release (or even this one if it's easy) could we have material/object/depth maps when rendering panos? (specifically object/material)

    A recent update to 3DVista which I use for pano tours now has virtual staging which means if we render the same scene with different materials we can switch them in and out ... here's an example:

    All we'd need from Enscape is the ability to isolate an object/material in Photoshop/AffinityPhoto using the object or material render.

  • Can we please get the custom asset name made smaller or moved to the side to show the full asset name

    Maybe also relevant to note: iIf we had categories for custom assets we wouldn't all need to use these incredible long names.

  • Pieter

    I had the same issue, you will need to edit the json file of any objects created with your "old" object creator so that the header info is as in the example below

    The Revision needs to be 0 & Category & Description need to be null & the tags needs to be []

    I suspect you have populated these fields in the hope of getting enscape to read/filter on the category/tags, maybe one day we might see it!!!


    "Id": "cf57eca3-7d19-4934-9882-8f7e5f91f828",

    "Revision": 0,

    "Name": "DP-DECO-ART-200",

    "Category": null,

    "Description": null,

    "Tags": [],

    "Outline": {

    "Points": "AAEAAAD/////AQAA

    PS it was a total pain as i had over 400 objects to manually edit. glad its done now!!


  • oh boy...this was what I was afraid of :(

    Are you sure we need to delete the Description field as well? I understand Category and Tags are (unfortunately!) not supported as of right now, but I was hoping Description would still work.

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    Nuge in theory just clearing the revision field should be enough the issue is that we have to keep the custom assets and Enscape assets to allow certain functionality and custom assets having no revision is one way of telling them apart really. If you go through our own toolkit these things will always match up but I can understand how the legacy assets might have some issues.

    The naming issue can be avoided by having spaces in your asset name that way the text wrapping would kick in.

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    oh boy...this was what I was afraid of :(

    Are you sure we need to delete the Description field as well? I understand Category and Tags are (unfortunately!) not supported as of right now, but I was hoping Description would still work.

    As far as I am aware only the revision field needs to be either absent or zero I've also answered your mail directly and can help you troubleshooting that issue that way sorry for the inconvenience Pieter.

  • Christian,

    Thanks for your reply, and yes it appears to only need the revision field to be amended, is this going to be an issue for every new release (having to edit my old assets)

    Also is it possible for the search function to search on the description as well as the name for the custom assets, as i assume we are not getting categories for custom assets any time soon? and this at least would give us a better option than trying to name everything so its searchable

    Pieter, sorry for the heart attack!!!

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    I think this is somewhat unfair, any official Enscape asset or asset created with the Custom Asset Editor will work we test against those.
    Pieter's predecessor to editor is not an official release and we never used it internally so compatibility is not guaranteed. Basically the assets created with it can be considered "third-party".

    I understand and can relate to the issues when trying to maintain and organize larger custom asset libraries I unfortunately cannot give you any news regarding changes there for the 3.2 release.