Mirror in the mirror / reflection problem

  • I know some of the problem about the reflection on the mirror but I can not find this problem solved.

    The mirror material in the mirror looks wrong, it just looks like solid material.

    I was expecting the unlimited repeated images on the two mirrors facing eachother.

    Is this because of my PC spec? or is there some solutions?

    I am using the latest ver. and the rendering quality is being set on Ultra. Thanks.





  • RIKTKI , welcome to our Forum.

    Something like an infinite mirror which you tried to achieve is usually not possible in real-time scenarios - Even with raytraced reflections, which are far more advanced compared to the traditional method of rendering reflections, there is always a limit as to how often a reflection is being reflected in this case.

    In the future, we will further work on our raytraced reflections and something like you tried to achieve may be possible, but there is currently no ETA for that yet.