Navigation on large sites broken

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  • A few problems with navigation on projects with large sites. Let's say a house with a 9km site for mountain view context.

    1 - Navigation via WASD is impossible, as it is super slow

    2- VR Teleporation seem impossible from far away and even when closer to the house then there seems to be a max teleport distance. I have to teleport a hundret time to reach the house from a mounain.

    Currently the only way to reach the house in a timely manner is to go there with a space mouse. You seem to have implemented a clever mechanism for the space mouse where travel speed is determined by the distance of what I look at. Move fast when looking at mountain, but then is too fast when reaching the house. I stop touching the space mouse for a second while looking at the house and the speed readjust to something more appropiate for the house. Perfect! It just sometime is annoying when the speed get super slow because I am looking at a wall and the adjustment become too low.

    So, here's the wishlist:

    - Fix the max teleport distance, so I can teleport directly over several kilometers in VR.

    - Fix superslow spacemouse movement when too close to a wall.

    I don't care about WASD, but you should probably look at that as well. Here's the site I am working with, they way Enscape renders it:

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    Thanks for your report burggraben , and feel free to forward your wishes to PM directly. Also, when using a normal mouse, can you still double-click anywhere on the large site to reach your destination quickly? We usually recommend reducing such enormous projects in size, and it's technically tricky to make working with them viable from a development standpoint. Still, please forward your concerns/inquiries to PM as mentioned! :)

    Also, just in case you weren't aware, you can also press CTRL + Shift and then WASD to move as quickly as currently possible. It may also be worth adding that you could perhaps create a few different views so that you can also easily cycle between them in VR, but you were probably aware of that already.