asset editor illegal character

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  • I try to create my own assets. And I always get the same error when I save.

    CF image attached.

    I tried to change the names and paths but nothing works.

    Also it is impossible to place the textures correctly in the asset editor.

    The only way to get correctly positioned textures is to import the model in .obj. But unfortunately each polygon creates its own texture. That you have to modify one by one. Impossible if the object contains hundreds of polygons.

    As it is, it's difficult to use this editor which seems to be very little advanced in development.

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    Hi BOTOSAUR , I am sorry to hear about that - Right away when it comes to the main issue, does this also occur with basically any texture you try to import as well? If so, please also kindly submit a Feedback Report so that we can look into this further. In the submission form, simply include a link to this Forum thread as well.

    When it comes to any improvement wishes specifically about the Custom Asset editor, please feel free to also forward them to product management directly through our portal.