Flickering curved glass

  • Hi there, we are working on rendered animation for one of our clients - we are using Revit - all curved glasses such as in revolving doors and light fixtures (while turned off) are flickering. this makes the whole animation unpresentable. does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

    Thank you.


  • Flickering is often the result of two (or more) pieces of geometry exactly on top of each other. This can happen across link projects as well. you might also post a section of the video that illustrates what is happening.

  • I'm surprised this bug hasn't caught more attention...

    Apparently this is a known issue that has been around for some time now.. See this post from 2021 with the exact same curved glass issue. If someone on the Enscape dev team could share some insight as to a solution or patch timeline that would be much appreciated! Clemens Musterle possibly?

    I have tried adjusting opacity, roughness, ior, toggling frosted, motion blur as well as painting backfaces vs. whole group, reducing to single plane geo vs. watertight/solid, removing close emissive & proximity light sources... nothing seems to work. Enscape proxies with curved glass don't seem to suffer the same issue, or at least not as noticeably(?).



    SketchUp Pro 2020

    Enscape 3.3.1 + 75071

    NVIDIA Quadro P2000

  • Hi Phil.

    If you model a curved glass and try to animate the environment you'll see how it looks. I all know how overlapping materials flickers - this looks exactly how curved glass will look. As Leo stated no matter what are the setting ( trying to illuminate the glass btw, dose not help unless you want to present horror scene ) When I will have some time than I'll create a video with low setting which I can share via your platform.

    For the last presentation we didn't include the animation we hopped to present because of this problem and looking now for alternative to enscape.

    please let me know if and when you have a solution for this issue.