Clicking on an element in Enscape to Create 3D Section Box in Revit

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  • Hi,

    Enscape helps me notice things that are not working (either mistakes or areas for design improvement) but I obviously can't make the changes in Enscape. I have to go back to Revit and "find" the area that I'm looking at. I'd like to have Enscape expedite this process allowing this process:

    1.Right click on an element in Enscape

    2. Click "Create 3D section box in Revit"

    3. Revit window jumps to the top (Important for users that are using a single monitor)

    4. Revit opens my default 3D view. (Which view is used could be customized...)

    5. Revit creates a section box around the element in question. (The command for this I believe is called "Selection Box", which is a bit confusing)

    6. There could also be another option to do the same process onlyin Enscape and not in the Revit viewer (The idea behind this is that one "section" is for presentation in Enscape, the other is just to quickly re-work the model)

  • mattendler Thanks for your feedback. I've forwarded it to our developers for an first feasibility analysis.