How to optimize in able to visualize large areas of a city in one model

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  • :sketchup:I'm in SketchUp2021 and it seems having more than 5 towers (more than 30floors) with lots of detail, entourage, furniture and landscape is already pushing to the limit of Enscape, but I'm hoping to see if anyone was able to push it even further? I'm talking about running from cloud machine with 16GB+ of video ram on a good graphic card.

    I was able to run a model of downtown Chicago with only white boxes and it was ok, but I wonder how many fully detailed building can I put in till it starts to grind to a halt and crash?

    Or let me phrase it in this way, how big a open world video game map can be realistically run from an Enscape model when it's push to its limit on a good machine? And what are some of the deciding factors, poly count, file size, texture size, graphic card, etc.?

    Thank you!

  • Sketchup is somehow limited supporting large meshes but if you work with the new implemented Tags (old Layers workflow), model might get more lightweight even when working with 1Gb or files above this size. Also working with Enscape custom proxies will save lots of resources and the LOD decreases drastically.