Enscape not showing light in mirror reflection. How do I get it to appear?

  • I'm trying to get light to render in a mirror reflection, but can't get them to turn on. It looks like for a second they turn on when I shift the camera's position, but they just fade away to black. How do I get them to stay on for the rendering? (The large black rectangle in the middle is the mirror)

    Lights are on as I move the camera slightly, screengrab

  • jcbraddesigns , welcome to our Forum.

    Placing a mirror into the scene in a way you've done can be unfortunately a bit tricky when it comes to rendering much of the scene itself in the reflection - Right away, please check out why in this FAQ article here. It may not be the ideal solution but, I would advise moving the back wall a bit closer to the reflection itself, positioning yourself to the side of the mirror a bit more, and/or generally trying to make sure that what you wish to see reflected is also in sight, as detailed in the FAQ article too.