Assets: Library (Properties, Categories)

  • Almost entirely sure someone, perhaps even me, has asked this before - but to double-down AND BUMP

    (speaking to Revit here, but I'm sure other platforms would benefit from this)

    can we please please please get the descriptors used in the asset library thumbnail previews

    injected into a parameter in the family please?

    I use a Dynamo script that parses the geometry* of placed Entourage Planting asset

    *culling the ones that are "only" mesh, or "just" surfaces

    that defines a type definiton (and catalog) of the widget family we use to place in our models - however, the "only" useful information to mine is the family name, leaving us with:

    now that'd be fine if I had a content management tool like Kiwi Browser to better search/filter these for "walking", "elderly", etc - and add tags for "day time use only", and such - but we don't - and I imagine a great many others don't either.... whereas, if the Asset library description (and potential other useful tags) were included in the .rfa, raw, from Enscape, a one-time date-push activity by yourselves could save hundreds/thousands of hours of customer time sifting and sorting the assets into an applicable resource.

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    If that's implemented, p[lease push it to a built-in parameter like Description or Type Comments. No need for another parameter in our files + that will give us the ability to filter/schedule it.