parallel batch rendering distributed across multiple video cards

  • Dear Enscape,

    I understand that Enscape uses only a single video card to render a single still image. However, it seems conceivable that, for a batch rendering job in which several independent still images are to be generated, performed on a computer having n video cards (n > 1), Enscape might be able to dispatch the i'th image-generation job to the (i % n)'th video card, so that the several still images could be rendered at the same time.

    Does Enscape have such a capability?

    Thank you.


    Neil Jackson

  • neil

    Changed the title of the thread from “multiple video cards for parallel batch rendering” to “parallel batch rendering distributed across multiple video cards”.
  • neil , welcome to our Forum.

    I'm afraid at the moment such capability is not available and also isn't on our agenda - You can of course feel free to forward your wish to Product Management directly through our newly implemented portal, but there really aren't any plans to support multiple GPU's in such a way simply also because the demand is still rather low overall.

    I wish I had more positive news for you at the moment, but since Enscape is generally able to produce renderings in usually mere seconds, we can only advise upgrading (one of your) existing GPU, or as a trick/workaround making use of an Ai image upscaler like this one here (not affiliated), especially if you plan to produce a lot of 4k-8k renderings.