Can not open stand-alone .EXE file

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  • Hello

    New to Enscape, sorry in advance if this question has been addressed previously

    We received a stand-alone model file from our architect. The file is just over 1Gb in size. When we try to open this file, 99% of the time we get a Window error message “This app can’t run on your PC, To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher”

    We have tried this file on multiple PCs and only ever got the model to open once. The creator of this stand-alone file has no issue opening it.

    All the PCs meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements with Nvidia K4200, M1200 & RTX4000 graphic card. All these machines have no problem opening the sample project .EXE files downloaded from the Enscape. We can even to open multiple samples file concurrently without any issues. We have checked this forum for answers and have try all the recommended changes to the Nvidia control panel etc… We have even reinstalled windows on to these machines as a stand-alone machine. Update to the latest drivers, firmware etc…

    What are we doing wrong? Any idea where we should look for answers?

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    MartinLy , thanks a lot for your report, and welcome to our Forum - Right away, could you kindly .zip and transfer the log files which should be generated through the standalone file from any machine on which you experience this issue?

    You'll find said logs here:


    Feel free to package them and either attach them here with your next reply or through a DM.

    Just to make very sure, besides those mentioned changes in the NVIDIA control panel, have you also acquired the latest drivers from the NVIDIA homepage directly? Be aware, that Windows often displays your graphics card drivers as being up to date, even when this is not the case. Therefore, we advise that you do not upgrade your drivers via the Windows Device Manager in case you've done it this way.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Hi Demian

    No log file. However the sample model do generate a log file.

    Just to make sure and to kindly ask again, the drivers were acquired through the NVIDIA homepage?

    If you could send me any log files generated then please proceed. Thank you!

    Also, on top of that, is there a chance to send me the .exe standalone too? You could upload it to for example and send me the link through a direct message.

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    Thanks for your reply - Right away, which version of Windows is installed on those systems on which you tried to run the Standalone file unsuccessfully? Please be aware that Standalones which have been exported with our latest releases only support Windows 10 based machines.

    If that is the case, let me know and I'll get in touch with our developers too.

  • Hi Demian

    We have resolved the issue by downloading the file using a different ISP. Our ISP at the office must have somehow corrupt this file during the download. However, it did not corrupt the sample model from the Enscape portal.

    Thank you for all your help