shadows/colors different in render

  • Hey everyone,

    I am rendering some indoor rooms and I both get different colours and shadows when I render it (ultra) compared to the preview (ultra).

    Left is the PREVIEW and right is the RENDER.

    1. the shadows are more real in the preview compared to the final render, it gets to bright in the render.

    2. The color changes, while I am having it 'perfect' in the preview, the render makes it more towards pinkish, or atleast different. :(

  • DeKoetsier , this basically boils down to the final adjustments the rendering is going through, the color difference for example due to global illumination playing into it, and as you can see the noise present in the preview is also mostly gone. I can understand that you prefer the preview look, but in this case, it's more noise than shadows you are seeing really.

    Without being biased, I do prefer the output of the final image and actually think what you see in the preview is not more realistic.

    In the end, perhaps if you do prefer the look of the preview you could simply screenshot it? Given that the screenshot will then only have the resolution of your monitor, there are Ai upscaling tools like this one here which could help with scaling those up again to 4k. Just as an idea, since I do not really think there are any specific workarounds to keep the noise in the final output.

    Also, when it comes to the color difference, perhaps try adjusting the color temperature a little bit, which may yield a final rendering more to your taste.

    Please don't take any of this the wrong way, I fully understand that this is all in the eye of the beholder and there is no right or wrong taste. :)

  • Hey Demian Gutberlet ,

    Thanks for your feedback. The reason I and the client find the shadow in the corner more realistic, is because there is not 1 window in this room and only artificial (low) lighting, so it supposed to be a bit darker in the corners. Like in a real world example, it would also look more like the preview.

    But the shadow is luckily a 'smaller' problem, colour is more important.

    And this second issue remains, I have changed the colour exactly to what the client wishes for. In the preview it is correct but while rendering it changes. The render is inside a dark box (cellar) and the sun is down (nighttime) and only artificial light applies. Is there is possibility to keep the high quality render with the same colour as I have in the preview?

  • Which quality level are you using? Ultra quality does more bounces when doing a capturing. You could try to see if exporting it in high quality results more in what you expect. Another thing to look into would be the ambient brightness setting - try to reduce this one. It's actually there to help get *some* indirect lighting in closed spaces, even if people don't have any lights setup - in your case it might not be needed/desired.

    Hope that helps!