Enscape 3.3 Site Context

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  • Hi,

    just tried the new Version and i love the the new Site Context Feature !! Would be great to be able to import the mesh to my core App (Sketchup) to use the Date an change a few things ! Working in the Sketchup Window is a bit more streamline than enscape !

    New Assets are also great !!

    Keep up the great work ! Happy abaout the Chaos Merger !!! Used Vray before Enscape ! ;)


  • There are tutorials that can show you how to load the data directly into the model, There will likely never be a way to go from OSM to Enscape then into Sketchup for editing purposes. It kind of defeats the purpose of the Enscape feature if you ask me.

  • There are ways .... but not as easy and fast as enscapes ! When i have a fast workflow and need a fast design i would like to use the model for refference. Where can i connect to the streets.... what Lines can i orient my building to an use points ... i see them in enscape but have to guess in sketchup... where to connect ... if i go the way to use a other way to import a model i do not need the encape feature all along ... It seams like a half baked move ...

    i like the result and the workflow ist crazy fast !! my projekt fitted perfectly and looked great ... but i would have liked to go a bit further !!

  • There should be some way to edit objects within the site context. A couple things that I can think of specifically would be an option to make the generated topography flat as I'll tend to ignore most very slight grading and make my toposurface in Revit all at the same elevation, but when the Enscape site context is brought in, the topography changes about a foot across the <300' span of site I have modeled in Revit. Another thing would be an option to adjust the height of the generated buildings, I noticed when I loaded the project location into Enscape that most of the surrounding buildings are much shorter than my building when the buildings actually surrounding my site are 4 stories tall. The other thing I noticed was that there is a 4 lane road in front of my building but the automatically generated road is dramatically divided.

    The demo video showed the site context with basic trees, cars, stop signs, etc but I've come to the realization that those must have been place manually within Enscape, would be cool if stuff like that could populate automatically too with the ability to move and/or delete them within Enscape afterward. Excited use this awesome new feature regardless!

  • SITE CONTEXT a feature that I welcome to mature even further ;

    I miss the feature, once selected your erea of interest, being able to import it into SU and adjust the volumes;

    There is a feature present to replace and rotate the map;

    I seems a very miss-and-trail time consuming thing;

    Z axe isn't aligned with the site context of your interest (where the person stands)

    I like that it doesn't mixes up your XY axes like SU Geo-Laocation does.

    I would say let's give it some credits, time and love and this will be a killer feature

  • +1 for importing Site Context into CAD

    I replied to a more recent thread with something similar:

    The beauty of Enscape is that it updates in real-time with our CAD and how easy of a workflow it is from our CAD to Enscape. The less work we have to do directly in Enscape the better.

    So Devs, please stop trying to make us work in Enscape and keep all the modeling in our CAD. That is your bread and butter. Please import the Site Context into our CAD and do not worry about all the little rotation and move tools in Enscape. They are so clunky. Thanks