Remote Desktop into Enscape Machine for Presentations

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  • I'm going to formally submit this as the most obscure problem I've encountered with Enscape.

    Our office has only a pair of machines with the processing poser to run Enscape smoothly. In our conference rooms we have these little computers (Dell Optiplex 7040) that don't have much of anything going for them other than the capacity to remote into stronger machines. At current during client presentations, we can remote in to the good machines and display Revit real-time, but when we try to navigate real-time in the Enscape (within SketchUp/Revit or the standalone *.exe files) the mouse seems hyper sensitive and navigation is almost impossible.

    I've tried the usual fixes - messing with mouse sensitivity within windows control panel settings and adjusting the settings within Enscape - but to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this issue? or have ideas how to work around it? The conference room Dells just cant handle the *.exe files, and having everyone crowd around my studio desk isn't optimal either.


  • Almost every realtime renderer i know, lumion, twinmotion, lumenrt and including enscape does not work with remote desktop. windows does not implement mouse sensitivity very well and the mouse movements are extreme to say the least. You are fighting a loosing battle with this setup unless you are willing to shell out big $$ for things like Citrix and even then not 100% it will work correct. Better to just have dedicated machine in the conference room capable of running enscape. its really the graphics card that is the cost the machine can be very basic. Hope this helps or at least informs.