VR - Revit and Enscape in year 2022

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  • Which VR headset for Enscape and Revit 4

    1. HTC Vive Focus 3 (0) 0%
    2. HTC VivePro 2 (0) 0%
    3. HTC Vive Focus (0) 0%
    4. HTC Vive Pro Eye (0) 0%
    5. Oculus Quest 2 (please suggest wired or wireless if you can) (2) 50%
    6. Oculus Other (please say which) (0) 0%
    7. Other (please post which) (2) 50%

    Please excuse me creating another VR thread. But all searches return 1 year to 3 year old data currently on VR. We could use updated feedback or Poll votes from others.

    Which headsets are good in this year 2022 with 3.2 or 3.3 Enscape whether using Revit 2020, 21, 22, 23? Vote for up to 2 or suggest others. Poll runs to April 21,2022.

    Hoping to focus less on versions of Revit and just hear back, what headset brand should we choose for Enscape.

    Thanks in advance if you can throw a vote here towards whatever headset brand/model you use or suggest with Enscape. Thanks!

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  • Do you suggest enterprise customers use the Quest 2 for Business edition? And does that work with Enscape?

    The Facebook login requirement on Oculus is a nightmare with shared headsets in a professional environment.

    We were also wondering how that facebook account requirement would impact usage between people. One account for all i guessed.

  • Support for Oculus for Business has ended. Future business support to be announced. https://business.oculus.com/

    Evolving from Oculus for Business to Quest for Business

    "Work Accounts will provide a new way to log in to Quest 2 with a work profile instead of your personal Facebook account.... We plan to offer open beta releases in 2022, where we’ll gather feedback and fine-tune Quest for Business before launching the solution for general availability in 2023."

    Thanks for the link, sounds promising but it doesn't help much in the near future....

  • Hello,

    any other recommandations apart from the non working Oculus for Business....?

    Feedback much appreciated.

  • any other recommandations apart from the non working Oculus for Business....

    - Valve Index has the nicest build quality and most adjustability for easily handing off between multiple users. IPD, lens distance (helpful for those w/glasses,) spring-loaded headband with a dial in the back. Similar to Vive Pro functionally, but does everything with less bulk and easier adjustments. Controllers are not ideal for Enscape, I would pair it with Vive paddles. Other headsets have somewhat higher visual clarity, but that comes with more demand on the GPU. There will always be a tradeoff between frame rate and resolution. This would be my pick for general office use where you can leave it set up with base stations.

    - HP Reverb G2 is an easy set-up with inside-out tracking, but requires running Windows Mixed Reality in addition to Steam. If you just let Windows "do it's thing" it works fine but adds another layer to mess with. If you have an IT department managing Windows updates it can be a problem. Hardware is based on the Index but they left out some of the adjustability. Was best-in-class resolution when it came out, but other headsets have eclipsed it. The clarity is still impressive, I think it has a somewhat lesser FOV so the display is denser.

    - Was not impressed with the Vive Pro 2 - the upgrade over the Vive Pro did not seem significant, it is more demanding on the hardware for not much benefit, and requires installing Vive Portal (another layer of software in addition to Steam.) Whereas the Vive Pro just works w/Steam drivers.

    - Oculus ecosystem wins points for ease of setup, the Rift S was great. Not needing Steam was a plus. but imho the transition to Facebook makes it a non-starter for a workplace; that may or may not be something you are concerned with. The single-cable tethering with the Quest is nice when it works but I've found the USB-C connection to be fussy, even with their official cable.

    - If you can wait for delivery times on the Varjo Aero, the clarity makes it difficult to go back to any other headset. The FOV is less than ideal though.

    Sorry to say there is no one best solution, much of it depends on your priorities and what hardware you have available to drive the headsets. Enscape does not do as well with framerates in VR as a game designed explicitly for VR, so the highest-spec GPU you can get your hands on will always help.