Batch Render seems not working properly with 3.3 and SketchUp

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  • Hello,

    Batch render seems not working properly with 3.3 and SketchUp

    All scenes in my model have the same camera settings with a FOV set at 20 degrees

    With Synchronize Views ON, Batch Render of all scenes doesn't keep the FOV of 20 degrees in the render, and rendering is toggle with an FOV of 90 degrees, in my case.

    It is like Synchronize Views is toggle to OFF when batch render is starting.

    But, If each scene are rendered separately, one by one, the render is correct.

    Here attached :

    1- SketchUp Screenshot, 2 - Image of one scene rendered using Bach Render, 3 -Same scene render separately

    I've got same problem with another model tested.

  • Additional information.

    If "Synchronize View" is OFF and if in the Visual Aspect Windows settings, FOV is forced to 38°, then the Bath Render results are OK.

    On all my scenes, in SketchUp, camera Fov(H) is set to 19.8° and the corresponding Fov(w) is 38.1° (see attached screenshot)

    Windows 10 Pro (21h2) | SkechUp Pro 2021 (21-1-1-332) | / Enscape 3.3.0+74199

  • Additional Information 2

    Finally, I've created and save a Visual Settings Preset.

    Then, using View Management, I've linked each view to that Visual Settings Preset.

    And, with "Synchronize Views" ON, Batch Render is now working OK.

  • Hey ZO,

    For Piping line only, I'm using a very old plugin called lines2tubes.rb and written by Didier Bur

    Can be downloaded from HERE

    This plugin will turn a bunch of lines, arcs, circles, curves, etc. into cylinders of a given diameter.

    It doesn't matter if they are connected, just select the linework, go to Tools --> "Convert circles, arcs, curves, lines to cylinders".

    Personally, all lines, curves, arcs, etc. of the pipe routing are connected using the Weld plugin (from TIG or from Smustard) prior to apply this plugin.