Saving panoramas +Problem saving screenshots last preview version

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  • Trying to save screenshots in preview version but cannot find the png´s on computer..?

    Tried saving to moviefile and worked fine.(Same folder)

    How does saving to panorama work+ it did not ask for folder to save file in and i dont know where to find the file. What is panorama file extension anyway called?

    How can I make a viewable panorama file? Do I need another program to make it?

    Sorry for asking, -but never done this before

  • Epix 3D The Default Folder is only valid for Screenshots and not for videos. PLease check the defined default folder in the settings dialog.

    If you've activated automatic naming and have a defind default folder, Enscape won't ask for a location when you export a Screenshot.

  • are you using any special characters in the path?

    i have had the same issue today - i could not save an jpg screenshot, and found out that if i changed the special characters in my path it worked.

    i'm quite sure that iv'e been able to have special characters in the paths before, but not 100% sure.