upload manager panorama link not working

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    Hi can anyone help?

    My panorama upload managment link seems to work on my computer ok but the link doesnt seem to work on phones? (iphone in this case). Any suggestions? Seems to work ok on my computer & a samsung phone

    Allow me to briefly detail a couple of points when it comes to viewing panoramas on iOS devices:

    1. As of iOS 12.2, Apple decided to limit accelerometer and gyroscope access in browsers for “privacy reasons”.
      You should be able to re-activate the access through the following settings:
      Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Motion & Orientation Access.
      Since iOS 13, Apple have disabled access to this option altogether, and as this is now on a per request basis, a prompt will appear each time on opening a panorama.
    2. If a Panorama has been rendered out from Enscape with the Panorama Resolution set to High, the Panorama will not work on iOS. Instead, render out the Panorama with the Panorama Resolution set to Normal.

    Let me know if that doesn't explain/resolve the problem at hand and we'll further look into it.