Paint faces direct in the Enscape window?

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    One thing that could be very usefull for me, is a tool that would allow me to paint walls directly inside the enscape view.

    If I have a part of a wall that needs a specific color, I use the Modify > Paint tool to add a special material. Right now I have to navigate inside Revit to find that specific wall i want to paint, witch is a pain - so it would be very helpfull if I could paint the face directly in the enscape view. But I don't know is Encape has this kind of communication with revit?


    • Official Post

    While Revit allows direct control over Enscape and its output, there are limitations when it comes to the other way around - We have considered what you're requesting before, but doing so could also mean that the synchronization won't be kept up entirely. Not in every CAD solution at least either. I'll also bring this up internally again to see if there is anything else PM wants to add, but at the moment this is not a functionality we plan to implement anytime soon.