Caos Cosmio

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    No plans at the moment I could speak about - Chaos Cosmos models may be more detailed objectively, but this also poses a challenge to our goal to provide optimized assets that work well even on Low-Medium performance machines, where placing even a large number of our models doesn't slow down the scene too much.

    In any case, feel free to of course also forward your Feedback directly to product management too through our dedicated voting portal, we always appreciate all the input we can get.

  • You are having an connection with the chaos group.. and the cosmos engine is getting data from the cloud as well the same as enscape.
    Would be nice (since we have also an V-ray license) if those assets where also loaded into enscape.. (yes we have a good machine to render)

    what are the plans of intergration, choas must have shown an interest in enscape for a reason