Mirrors that don't mirror

  • So, I have the latest version and still reflections on mirrors do not work, how hard is this to fix, it has been literally years without a solution, c'mon guys, ask Chaos for help if you cannot figure it out.

    As you can see the person does not reflect, no matter what I do it will not work.

  • Are you sure hes not a vampire? All jokes aside, this is one of the numerous things that needs to updated. I would honestly rather points like these on features already in the program be addressed and corrected rather than ANY new features (including ones I try to promote) get added. I assume other people feel the same way about it as I do.

  • Code
    It's really a sad thing, I was using enscape in all my projects, but now the ones that have many mirrors that I know will have problems I can't use it anymore. Once a client called my attention for what happened, now I use the enscape in all the scenes that I see that the reflection of the geometry will be perfect, otherwise I use the d5. I know it's a complex thing to solve, but it makes our jobs less professional at times.

    Tem certeza que ele não é um vampiro? Todas as piadas à parte, essa é uma das inúmeras coisas que precisam ser atualizadas. Sinceramente, prefiro que pontos como esses em recursos já no programa sejam abordados e corrigidos, em vez de QUAISQUER novos recursos (incluindo os que tento promover) serem adicionados. Presumo que outras pessoas se sintam da mesma forma que eu.