Reflections differences from 2.9 to 3.3

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  • I know reflections have been touched on a lot here, but I was specifically comparing the difference from 2.9 to 3.3 as we prepare to upgrade our firm. I'm trying to anticipate issues our users are going to run into as they open their "old" 2.9 files to render in 3.3. I was a bit shocked at how different they are. 2.9 did a much better job of reflecting the important elements (lockers, shelves in the distance.) 3.3 seems to be dropping the far wall and lockers in the reflection.

    I tried various combinations of RTX on/off in both with no significant differences. Render quality was "ultra" in both. This is not a complicated scene, nowhere near maxing the VRAM. (I'm trying not to mention the reflected "invisible" light sources, but that needs to be fixed if at all possible.)

    It's probably a moot point now, but at a minimum, could we have the option to render in "legacy" mode or something like that to maintain continuity? I understand the difficulties in creating real-time reflections, but I don't understand how things can get worse from one version to another. Can we have some sort of control over the reflections? Culling/clipping distance for what is included maybe?

  • I also encounter the same problems,and I download the newest 3.4 preview, the reflection problem is still not resolved,I tried a lot ,the same problem cannot resolve,I am shocked down with this problem!

  • Firstly, I am satisfied the white color wall is correct this time in the new proview version of 3.4!

    But I still feel unsatisfied with the problem on reflection!

    just look at the next two comparsing picutre:

    the reflection shadow on the cabinet door, you can see, the former picture is incorrect that the shadow of curtain is a part of empty, and with turn a small angle ,it turned correct