Download older version of Enscape compatible with SU2021

  • I teach a bunch of students who are currently using their SU 2021 Academic licenses. Our computer lab also has SU 2021 and your older version of Enscape. The school doesn't like to upgrade licenses mid-quarter because of technical issues.

    My students are about to start learning Enscape, and I assume that when they download the free academic version from Enscape from your site, that they will get the newest version. Because of the reasons above, I need them to download the version compatible with 2021. I assume I can direct them to somewhere on your site to find it?


    Diane Deiterich

  • dldieterich2 , pardon if I am missing something but, why are you not simply installing the latest version which also still supports SketchUp 2021? Or do you mean you cannot upgrade Enscape with "upgrade licenses"? In general, 3.3.1 which you can acquire here supports SU 2019 - SU 2022. But in any case, FYI, you can acquire previous releases here - Version 2.9.1+34079 was the first release to support SU 2021. Thanks in advance for any further replies. :)

  • Okay...I think I was confused. So, your latest version of Enscape works with SU 2021? But your version of Enscape before that did not work with SU 2022? My mistake...thanks for clarifying!


    Yes, our latest version works just fine with SU 2021 still - And correct, SU 2022 was not fully supported until the release of Enscape 3.3. :)