Enscape keeps moving material location?

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  • I have all my materials saved as .skm files and organized. After the .skm is created and I further modify it with bump, reflection, etc maps within the Enscape Material Editor- again, all from an organized file on my hard drive location. But when I go back to use the material and have the Editor open, I notice that Enscape had created it's own copy of the material and placed in in my appdata folder. Is this normal? The albedo color map is in the correct location when I browse the material from within SketchUp's material tray. Why would it be in a different folder within the Enscape Material Editor?

    Furthermore, if I set the material up and just use the albedo map for bump and reflection, it's not saving when I open a new model and use the newly created texture.

    What am I doing wrong here?

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    Tim , you are not doing anything wrong, this may unfortunately currently be an issue on our side, but it's already filed as a bug internally (so our developers are aware of it) and will be tackled as soon as possible. I appreciate the input, of course, thanks for the report. I will definitely let you know once this has been resolved as well, or once I have any further info as to when.