Add more settings to the Multiple Asset Placement feature

  • So happy with the new Multi-asset placement feature! However it's lacking a crucial setting that makes vegetation placement useless; Scale Specifier

    ✔️ Density

    ✔️ Random Rotation

    ✔️ Distribution Options

    ❓ Scale Range

    The current algorithm assigns random scales to each component instance placed and by so some of the trees appear comically smaller. Please allow us to either disable "random scale" or specify a scale range. If someone is familiar with the Compo Spray plugin in SketchUp, they'll know what I mean. There you can set minimum and maximum scale factors. I always keep them at 1.0 to make sure tree proportions stay the same. Thank you.

    Side note 1: Numerical density input with increments would be nice.

    Side note 2: Even with density at 100% there is still considerable free space, Maybe allow collision between objects to a certain percent?

    • Official Post

    Thanks a lot, ViggoPaulman , if you have not already, feel free to also forward your feedback to product management through our portal. We appreciate all the input as always.