Monthly Pricing Option With 1 Year Commitment

  • Can Enscape please offer users the option to pay monthly with a year term commitment (with a cancellation penalty or something) instead of the full year price? ~$40/month is somewhat reasonable as a monthy fee for what we are getting, but when it comes to renewal time yearly, that's a hard ~$500 pill to swallow. Especially since the license isn't perpetual, which other render applications offer. Couple that with the fact that the last few releases have been underwhelming and contained a few ongoing issues (spacemouse...). I'm not thrilled to be renting my software to fund development for Mac's and a seemingly random Site Context feature I'm not convinced was necessary.

    $70/month for strictly monthly subscription (fixed seat) is obscene, to be honest. Doesn't even make sense that is $2 more than the better FLOATING license.

    I'm sure I'm barking up a tree here, but I can't be the only one. Anyway, my subscription is due in a few days so either way I'm pretty much out of luck here. I'll keep testing other software in the meantime.