More Exterior Building Materials

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  • Some missing materials for building exteriors that I am looking for and hoping can be added to the material browser. Maybe they are there and I'm not seeing them? If so, please point them out.


    Board and Batten

    Shingle (I know we can use a roof shingle- but what about composite or color variations?)

    Plank (Wood 18 and Wood 19 are not realistic in showing cut planks and have too large of gaps when scaled to size)


    Standing seam metal (I sometimes just use the Steel 16, Corrugated, modified)

    Concrete blocking variations (split face, traditional, etc)

  • I second this.

    Speaking from my opinion,since Enscape is marketing itself as a rendering software for architectural design for the main part, then their development team should invest in creating and adding the mentioned materials above and more.

    I suggest, your development team to take a survey and talk to practicing architects about the most common used materials in the industry (both in modern and traditional aesthetics).

    Its great that Enscape Material Library is offering many wallpaper options, but the exterior materials pallet is lacking.

    Third party materials are available, but may create inconsistencies (such as in my case)

    Demian Gutberlet , please take notes and report to the development team. A dedicated update for architectural materials selections would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sign up here -, download whatever you need and create your own.

    If I thought that the Enscape team were spending time on creating, collating and managing a giant material library rather than working on improving the current software/developing the next I’d be pissed.

    No reason they can't do both both concurrently. The same can be said for their asset library. They go hand in hand as features that boost the usability and value of the software.

    I have a LOADS of paid materials from Poliigon and plenty more from excellent free sources like CCO, CG Book Case, Texture Haven...just a name a few. But I still think they should devote portion of their time to source and provide more materials to better round out the built-in material library.

  • I second Paul Russam on this. They may be paid or take effort to find but I can access almost any material out there to create the materials I need for my Enscape projects. Adobe Substance has been amazing for this and is only $20 a month. On the contrary, I can't go in to the program and fix the video editor or add alpha video maps.

    Tim every company has resource limitations. I know the common saying is "a 3d artist isn't doing the same job as a programmer" but if the choice is hire more programmers to develop the program faster or hire more artist to expand the material library the choice should be towards the programmers. That is not to say no effort should be put behind the library or assets, but Enscape is really lacking in certain feature aspects that need to be focused on over giving someone more stone materials.

  • I agree I'd prefer more weight on new or refined features...but my material examples are far from being unique or uncommon. By this logic, they shouldn't spend any time on materials or assets. Let's also keep in mind they have CHAOS resources available...

  • but my material examples are far from being unique or uncommon

    Ahh, so you’re in the US or Canada. I’ve been working in architecture in the UK since 1984 and the only time I’ve come across ‘sidings’ or ‘shingles’ is when they’re mentioned in a forum like this.

    A library of such would be as much use to us as a library of British standard brick textures would be to you.

    (To an average UK’er a siding is where a train is parked and shingles is a nasty disease)

  • Lol yes. I'm in the US. Shingles can mean the same thing here as well. But the point is, concrete block, siding, shingles, whatever it's building materials that are still hugely common around the world. These Architecture materials are missing from the library....seeing how this is an Architect product.

    Out of curiosity, what is "siding" and " shingles" equivalent material in the UK?

  • Nearly all UK homes exterior walls are either facing brick or block with concrete render finish, Roofs will be slate tile (£££) or concrete/clay tile (£) that ‘looks’ like slate(ish).

    That’s obviously a generalisation but if you dig just about anywhere in the UK you’re going to hit clay.

    You have vast forests of trees, we have vast puddles of clay. We used to have trees but we turned them in to ships and used them to sail around the world and steal as much as we could for a couple of hundred years …… till you lot caught on.