pressing 'Esc' transcforms Enscape Objects inside component..

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  • So in most simple scenario which I managed to recreate.. If You create a group, go inside and create an Enscape Object in it. Go out move the group with EO so it is transformed a bit. Go in it, pick EO (I actually tried it only with spot light), Open ENSCAPE OBJECTS from toolbar, change Luminous Intensity by using Set Value, press enter and click X to close ENSCAPE OBJECTS window (or You can press Esc) and press Esc to go out from the group (so can be Esc twice) .. vu a la

    Seems like the Set Value is the trouble maker.. nothing happens if You use slider to change Luminous Intensity..

    Sketchup 22.0.354 on Windows 11, ENS 3.3.1 + 75071

    Escape ENS