Sharing materials between projects...

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  • I work for an interior design company and we routinely use the same materials across projects like wall finishes, floor tiles, etc.

    We have dozens of projects now and as far as I can tell the only way to share the materials is to create a .matpkg from the original file and open it in the new project.

    I've been conducting some tests by setting a shared directory in the material editor and hoping that the textures would show up in other projects but it doesn't seem to work. It seems like Enscape just uses the directory to cache image textures??


    Surely there is a way to share materials across projects without creating dozens of duplicates? Is there no way to synchronise across projects?

    Any advice on this would be appreciated.


  • I have submitted a feature request on the platform to have a "custom" tab in the material library so we can add our own in there (just like we can add our own custom assets in the asset library). I think that would an extremely helpful feature and we would use it a lot.