Working between different CAD app

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  • Hello, In our company we are trying to figure out a consistent workflow between our main design apps, such as Rhino, and REVIT. Most of the early designs start in Rhino and then move to REVIT for construction Drawings and BIM data.

    For most of them, the design inside Rhino gets very evolved and many images are produced with Enscape, using many elements of Enscape library.

    Sadly most of that work gets lost when we export the Rhino scene into REVIT, we are using Rhino inside, which doesn't translate any of Enscape library. We have a workaround for materials, we have created the same material library in both app. but assets such, as trees, and furniture need to be replaced manually.

    I am Arch Viz guy and while working with 3D Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D I used to save things as V Ray proxy, which can be read in any app without losing its properties. There were some hiccups with materials but most of the work could be saved.

    Is there any plan for Enscape to create a more universal Proxy asset that could not depend on the CAD app that it is using it? Is there a workflow that we are not aware of that could speed up this change in CAD software. Ideally, we would like to have a bi-directional exchange between REVIT and Rhino. It would be great to be able to send Enscape assets back a forth between REIT and Rhino without re-building.

    We will research something using Grasshopper and Dynamo if you guys have some ideas I would appreciate the input.