Enscape screenshots depend on Rhino Viewport propotion

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  • Hi everyone!

    I have an issue with Enscape Screenshots. I have a named view set up in Rhino and use it to make Screenshots in Enscape. But I have noticed, that the Screenshot depends on the propotion of Rhino Viewport. So that, when I move the border of the Properties Panel, it affects the Enscape Screenshot too. This thing totally messes my work, when I have to make the same views once I have changes in the project. Or when someone else has to save the same views on another computer with another Rhino Viewport propotion.

    Could you please tell me, if there is a way to hold the Enscape view dependant on Rhino Named Views and at the same time independant on the Viewport propotion? Or is it something, that is not there yet?

    The example screens are attached


  • Andrii Mogylnyi I don't posted the workflow first, since I hoped to get a better solution, but here my basic workaround - create a new render button an add the script:


    s 800 600


    So, each time you start a screenshot the current viewport is set to 800x600 (you can change it like wanted). It's not comfortable, but so you can be sure that you start a screenshot process with the same ratio at every time.

  • @Micha Thank you for the advice. But I have found one more alternative:

    I mark the views in Enscape View Manager (with the stars), so that I can choose them in Enscape Viewport. And I turn off the synchronization between Rhino and Enscape viewports. But I have to remember the Field of View, which I manually give in Enscape Settings for every Rhino View. In order to remember, I just write it in the view name.

    But of course this is still not solving the problem 100% and gives more chances for making mistakes in workflow.

    So I'm still looking forward for the solution from Enscape Team.