Micro adjust camera pan and rotation

  • Something I often want to do is move my camera very minimally in either a pan or rotation, but the increments are too big so it's hard to get things perfectly aligned. Would be great to have a way to adjust these in a micro way.

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    Jonathan M , thanks for the feedback - To help with camera sensitivity you can also always reduce the Mouse Speed or Movement Speed through our Enscape Window Settings:

    If you are using a mouse to adjust the camera perspective/position you may also perhaps want to look into getting one that allows you to adjust the DPI (mouse sensitivity) on the fly through the press of an additional button on the device. Just as an idea since I am using one with that functionality myself.

    Should I be misunderstanding something, please let me know - And of course, if you'd like to have this function implemented in any case, feel free to forward your input through our Voting Portal too.