About two very troublesome BUGs of loading models

  • Today I want to talk about two very troublesome BUGs.

    First, when ENSCAPE loads a model with a file size exceeding 100M, the load progress bar before the rendering window gets stuck between 8% and 10%, which usually lasts more than 5-30 minutes, which is a headache.

    In the second case, when we open the render window, some adjustments are made to the model side, causing the render window to appear black objects, or the model to disappear, and the rendering has to be restarted to avoid it.

    Finally, please forgive my poor English.

  • Hey tas_1985 , I'm yet unable to reproduce these issues you're experiencing. Do you experience the loading issue with any project which is over 100M, or only with certain projects?

    Further, could you please send us some feedback using the [Feedback] button like you've did before?

    Please make sure that 'Include Logfiles into feedback' is checked in the Enscape Feedback window and add some reference like your forum name so we can connect this post to your submitted feedback.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Can I sincerely ask you to download this model and try to find out where the problem is?



    It will be stuck here for at least 10 minutes.

  • tas_1985

    Thanks for the model. I could locate one performance bottleneck, but at a different point in time: After the progress bar went to 100% the Enscape loading screen didn't vanish for a long time. We'll try to fix this for the next preview. Exporting the data took 20 seconds on my machine with the model you provided, no lag at 18%.

    - Please confirm that the lag happens while the progress bar is below 50%.

    - Please confirm that you see the model correctly in Enscape (especially the tree), it "only" takes too long.

    - There is one very large component (tree) which might be the culprit. Have you tried without it?

    - Have you already tried to load the model without any extensions beside Enscape? Might be a compatibility problem.

    - Please send feedback if you haven't already. I want to take a look at your log files.

  • tas_1985 performance improved in preview version

    please report back whether you still have performance problems

    I spent some time tonight in testing the following versions:;;

    The version seems to load a little faster than before, but as soon as I click on rendering, the program exits directly, even if I reduce the resolution to less than 4K.

    I have sent feedback.

    The version, stable and functional, I've seen some improvements in interior design rendering, but it seems to have cancelled the previous version of Speed Animation rendering.

    Version has stable functionality, but the biggest problem is that GI spots appear in interior rendering.

  • tas_1985 The difference between and should only be the AMD driver compatiblity. Both these versions are missing the speed improvements introduced in the preview version. So your reports are not surprising me.

    If you have problems/crashes during rendering/screenshots I would suggest to send feedback, but it seems like you already have done that (#61979). We will try to solve this via our ticket system.

    Regarding your performance problems: Loading your scene should not last longer than 1 minute with the version. If it does, please send another feedback regarding performance.