Texture from ArchiCad not showing on Enscape

  • Hi, my name is Alice. I'm an architecture student my 1st year.
    I´m making an exhibition pavillion and I need to include some art pieces in my project. So I used the picture object from Archicad and changed the image to a jpg of the painting I wanted. However, Enscape is not accepting that texture.

    Please, I really need help. My deadline is tomorrow and my professor is very severe.


    PS: The images down below will help to best understand my problem.

  • aalicereis , welcome to our Forum.

    If you haven't already in this case please also make use of our dedicated implemented Material Editor in case you've not been using it before for either your materials/art pieces in general:


    Let me know if that doesn't make a difference and/or in case you require any further help still.

  • The PICTURE object in ArchiCAD uses the PICTURE command... so technically it is NOT a material...

    This has long been an issue with Enscape...

    I had to HACK the object to make it use the image as a MATERIAL in order for it work (which in turn causes ArchiCAD to NOT display correctly, but I can live with that as I'll do all the visualization with Enscape.)