VMware Horizon VDI & Enscape with Nvdia A40 GPU

  • Hi,

    Does anyone have any experiance running a VMWare Horizon based VDI with a Nvidia A40 GPU for running Revit & Enscape ?

    If so, does it work well ? Is there anything I should know ? We have a customer who wants to go down the VDI route so looking at options for them.



    Hemant Mistry

  • hemantmistry , if enough VRAM is allocated to the individual VD instances, you should also be able to run Enscape. You can also always refer to our system requirements here - Furthermore, though, the experience may not be ideal given the limitations of using a VD compared to running Enscape on a dedicated machine.

    As detailed by one of our partners here as well with experience about this subject, the framerate (and thus performance) may suffer especially, but it could still be worth giving it a try should there be no other options available.