Oculus Quest 2 and Revit (and Sketchup) not working any more?

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  • I find it very convincing to be able to walk around inside the models we create in Revit / Sketchup - it simply gives a fantastic feeling of the spaces.

    I have used VR and Enscape before, using the Qculus Rift, and some time ago I could use it by using virtual desktop, but now Oculus offers the Air Link feature - so I would be glad to use it but.....

    I start Revit, load the model I want to view, I start Oculus on my PC, connect to the Quest, start Steam VR, and it finds my headset just fine (had big issues with this before). I then start Enscape, it loads the scene, and I activate Headset in the Enscape view - and I see it activate in the Enscape window, I can see the controllers, I see the small "dashboard ", and it all moves when I move the headset or the controllers. But the view never loads on the headset - it just shows a small window that says Loading..... the same for Sketchup.

    I there a way to fix it? are others having the same issues?

    I find the VR part being a powerful feature, so I hope it can work.


  • Hi Jorgensen,

    Happened the same to me, but using Enscape for Rhino. Apparently it has to do with the latest updates from Enscape. I downloaded previous versions and backtracked to the latest one that works with Oculus Quest 2 (using Air Link feature) and for me, it is vesrion 3,2.0.

    Hope you find these useful.


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    Jorgensen , IgnacioPiedras , in this case, if Steam + SteamVR is already used and installed (which is required to make use of VR in 3.3 / 3.3.1 while we are working on official compatibility) then VR should work without any issues, so please also send us a Feedback report so that we can look into this further - We're not aware of any ongoing problems with Enscape VR that could explain this behavior right away, so we'd like to check out the provided logs as well.

  • Jorgensen did you get anywhere with your tests?

    I have the same problems as you are describing with Enscape .exe files, Enscape for Sketchup and Enscape for Revit. Only a loading screen on the Quest 2, but no actual loading.

    I also have Twinmotion running very well on my machine, and wondered if that was the problem, but I've yet to install Steam and SteamVR to test that solution. Maybe next week.