Enscape works extremely slow - takes several minutes to open light file

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  • Hi! I just downloaded enscape to use for rendering in Rhino. But the program runs super slow - it takes several minutes just to open it and when it's open I can't see the model in enscape. It's also too slow to move around in. I have a strong Lenovo computer and have not had any problems with rendering in rhino or using other programs. Does anyone who has suggestions of what it could be?

    I sent the file to a friend and she could open it in enscape through rhino without a problem, it's not a very advanced model at all so that should not be the problem.

    I have restarted and updated the computer and closed down all other problems but still super slow!

    Thanks for help in advance!!

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    bricken , in this case, especially since you cannot see the model in Enscape at all, please also submit us a Feedback report with your logs so that our support team can also have a look at your machine information and log files to troubleshoot the cause behind this. Meanwhile, it cannot hurt to also make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date, and that your computer meets our requirements.