Rendering from Revit with a Sketchup linked file

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  • Hi,

    I'm currently working in a complex project with different architecture studios and we are trying a new working method. We receive their Sketchup's files and we link them in a Revit model and render with Enscape. We used to do it all in sketchup but we need now to jump into Revit and model the buildings at the same time. We want to have de Sketchups as linked files because we receive constant updates from the architects and that's a easy way to update them.

    The problem is that in Enscape, the materials of the sketchup files are lost or they dont look nice any more. If the open them directly in sketchup + enscape the materials are correct. So the question is: how can I conserve the materials of a linked sketchup model in Revit while rendering in Enscape?

    I appreciate if someone has any idea! :)

  • short answer: you can't

    I mean you can link it but if you want perfect colors and materials then ...

    long one: you need to export sketchup into revit

    you can use this HELIX

    for that matter

    or something similar

    but it does not work linking directly from sketchup to revit

    you can do it from either one of them , but not together

  • From Revit, look at the Object Categories of your linked SketchUp file. The Object Categories have associated material categories. The material categories should to be mapped with an appropriate materials. A bit time consuming but once you do it you won't have to do it again as long as layer names / material associations remain consistent.

  • shotokan - Thank you for the shout-out

    Our latest Helix 2.6.0 release converts SketchUp materials to Revit materials including textures. The mapped objects also behave as links: when syncing Revit content generated from SketchUp, only the updated SketchUp content will update in Revit, keeping unmodified content in Revit alone.

    SketchUp to Revit mesh with materials example below.

    Enscape for Revit render of the SketchUp converted geometry.

    You can also use this technique to mass generate a lot of Revit materials from SketchUp.

    For the latest Helix release, you can check out his post:

    For relevant workflows with Enscape:…sketchup-3d-warehouse/156…use-component-to-revit/36