m1 mac mini runing revit 2022 and enscape 3.3 with parelle

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  • i m using mac mini with the m1 cpu.

    I try to run enscape using revit 2022 via parallel.

    it has been installed corectly but when I tried to run enscape it freeze at 5 % and cant get it work.

    if you can figured out what the cause is that would very be helpful.

    as windows laptop start to failed against m1 chips. i wish to be able to use revit and enscape on mac rather than moving to archicad and twinmotion.

  • scandinavia12345 , I'm afraid Parallels does not support Enscape - That was unfortunately also never the case since parallels neither supported OpenGL 4.4, nor does it currently support Vulkan 1.1 which we're now using in current releases. Still, we are currently working on a Mac version of Enscape and there is already an open Beta that can be tried with SketchUp 2021, but only that version so far.

    I wish I had more positive news, but at the moment you may want to wait until the official Mac version is released a bit later this year if you do not have access to a supported windows machine instead.

  • the potential of the enscape on macos is fenomenon. however I dont think

    autodesk will ever make a mac version so if parallel does not support vulkan then I ll just have to buy a new pc instead for now,,,

    It will be worth it. :)

    Don't hesitate to refer to our system requirements too for further information. And if any questions come about hardware or Enscape in general let me know anytime.

  • Добрый день! Функция видео не активна в enscape для mac M1. Он еще не разработан ?

    Translation: Good afternoon! The video function is not active in enscape for mac M1. Has it not been developed yet?

    Please very kindly post in English here in this Forum so that everyone can read what you are saying. :)

    Regarding your question, we have not implemented a dedicated Video Editor into Enscape for Mac Beta, but this is something we plan to add in the near future.


    Пожалуйста, очень любезно размещайте сообщения на английском языке здесь, на этом форуме, чтобы каждый мог прочитать то, что вы говорите. :)